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M & N Frequently Asked Questions  

How small will M & N haul?


No boat is too small to be transported; however small boats should be transported together to reduce costs for all boats being transported.  This may require scheduling flexibility to ensure economical transport.


How big will M & N haul?

M & N will transport sailboats up to approximately 50 feet in length; M & N will transport powerboats up to 42 feet in length.  In order to state if M & N can transport your boat, we need to know the make, model and year.  We also need to know if it has "extras": a flying bridge, a high arch, etc.


Where is M & N located?

M & N is headquartered in Armada, Michigan, approximately one hour north of Detroit.


Can M & N transport my boat anywhere?

M & N can transport your boat from any point in the lower 48 states to any point in the lower 48 states.  M & N DOES NOT transport into Canada or Mexico.


Is M & N a transportation broker?

No, M & N does not broker freight.  If M & N receives a transportation contract, an M & N driver moves the boat.  If we can't transport a boat, we often refer another reputable transporter.


How tall will M & N haul?

When a boat is loaded onto M & N's trailer, the total height, including trailer must be 13 feet, 9 inches or less.


Is M & N licensed and insured?

Yes, M & N is fully licensed and insured to transport cargo throughout the lower 48 states.  (For more detailed information, contact Pat Shelton, M & N's office manager at mntransportation@yahoo.com or 1-800-569-5039.)


Is Jack's truck as cool as everybody says?

Take a look...

...Yep, she's that cool!  (She's been in advertisements, on posters, in books, even on TV!)




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